Our staff is comprised of highly qualified supervisors & monitors. They exemplify the Christian lifestyle, are members of Kona Faith Center, and Licensed as Exhorters or Ministers. They also engage in continuous education.

Jason Meechan

Senior Pastor/Headmaster

Pastor Jason has served at Kona Faith Center since it's opening in 1985. He became senior pastor in 1999, with his wife, Terry Meechan. Now, according God's guidance and direction, he serves as Corban Academy's Headmaster, overseeing students and staff, and ensuring the academy runs smoothly and efficiently.

Terry Meechan

Senior Pastor

Pastor Terry has served at Kona Faith Center since it's opening in 1985. She and her husband, Jason Meechan, became senior pastors in 1999. Pastor Terry now supports the Corban Academy staff and leadership through collaboration and partnership.



Corban Academy's Supervisors support students in their classroom studies.



Corban Academy's Monitors support Supervisors in their classroom duties.

Cassie Quarles

Administrative Assistant

Cassie serves as the Administrative Assistant for both Kona Faith Center and Corban Academy.